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Bits ad Pieces

So the last few days were interesting. We went to see Harry Potter and then had lunch later at the Cracker Barrel. The we came home and relaxed. Later we had a snuggle and went to bed.

Friday we went to Lynchburg and got more stuff. My feet and legs were not amused to be in a car for 8 hours. We had lunch but the stuff in the car and came home.

Then yesterday we went grocery shopping and came home and I divided veggies and meat. Also got a partial refill on one of my meds and will pick up the rest Monday. I went into the bedroom to get ready to go to Vitae. The dog had pulled up the sheet, the mattress pad, the foam part and had chewed through the cover to the foam. So we put him in the cage. He has to earn our trust. He hasn't been in the cage in over two years I felt bad about it but I just don't want him to ruin the bed. We also went to IHOP and got home around 4ish and I tried to go to bed and just couldn't. I think the hot tea I had had caffeine. I was IC maybe 20 minutes last night. The rest of the time I spent talking to Alissa or Jen about medical issues and other stuff.

Today I am tired and Sooper is at his monthly tabletop game today so I am watching TV and relaxing. I am taking orders for my tasty fruitcake and so far I have 3 orders so far.

PS Sooper's birthday is Dec 4 and not going to Vitae,

Weakness and vacation

The last few days I've been feeling weak and having stomach issues. I've been tired and unmotivated to take care of anything. Sooper has been doing dishes to keep up and we made chicken soup last night. I just feel pathetic and unproductive. I try to do one thing a day to feel like the day hasn't been wasted. So far waking up and eating have been my accomplishments in the last few days.

We don't have a huge weekend planned. We plan to do a small grocery shop and maybe a movie and relaxing with the hubby.

We have several small vacations to look forward to soon. At the end of this month we will be going to Horrorfind for a few days and then visiting people at Nonclave on Sunday. Then at the almost and end of September we are going to the beach with the dog, my mom, and her fiance Bill and then to FL to visit with Soopers parents and a minimoon with the hubby in Disney with Monica and others. We're excited about vacation. We need it so badly and could be ready to go tomorrow if it was that close.

Dinner with Emeril and Alison

So I had a dream last night that Emeril Lagasse, Alison, and I had dinner at this really expensive restaurant. I had won some contest and could bring a friend but the stipulation was no husbands for some reason so I asked my friends who was free and Alison was free the night it was set up.

It was something of a Madhatter's Tea Party. There was a table with foods and drinks and you were charged by what you ate on the table and there were prices next to each dish. I figured since I won that anything I ate would be covered so I had some sort of meat and pumpkin soup and took some of it home for the hubby, then I had some sort of lemon cake dessert, and some sort of red and blue drinks. I don't remember what Alison ate but she was very budget conscious about it only splurging on a dessert with some sort of chocolate in it. Also Emeril had tuna or swordfish or something fishy like that. We talked about Emeril's various cooking shows, his mother, weigh gain and loss, and absinthe.

Then I got a bill for $6000. $3000 of it was for a napkin, which I never used, and the rest was for food. I couldn't understand why I was getting a bill. I had won a contest darn it. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream and that there was no way I could ever spent $6000 on a meal except in my wildest dreams.
Thursday Aarin and mom arrived, we had tacos, chit chatted, and went to bed.

Friday we went and bought party food and other stuff party related. I was very tired physically and emotionally. This is the day my throat began to hurt.

Saturday I had my 30th birthday party. I thought it went rather well. There was food, a very pink cake, laughter, friends, family, and fun. I had a Piratical themed party and received money and gifts alike. There was little drama. I went to bed thoroughly tired. Throat still hurting. Read more...Collapse )

only 2 people on here


Only 2 people will get this personally. :)
Some may find it funny....

Birthday Party Info

July 14th I will be turning 30. On July 17th we would like to celebrate that fact with friends and family. If you would like to come to my house with a food, a drink, or some other things, please let me know so I can make a list of who is coming and what they are bringing. I don't really have room for anyone to stay and have some limits to parking so carpooling and sobering time if you need it, are to be employed.

I put up a thing on failbook but forgot to put it here, that is why I am Little Miss Scatterbrain. Some of you have been invited through failbook but I didn't want to forget anyone. So any takers? I know it's sort of last minute but I want to make sure I reach everyone.

Birthday Party plans

for non-facebook types

With the way things are going right now my 30th birthday party is looking more like a potluck cook out at the house. I am trying to anticipate how many people may want to come. So to get a count I turn to you my audience. How many people can trek to Sterling on July 17th?

So far I have about 8 people I know who will definitely be here. I need to start a sign up sheet for dishes. So far I have a tentative pasta salad and fruit. Then I have no defined grillables but i know we will more than likely have pulled pork as one of them, and I'm making potato salad, on the menu thus far.


So I have a 14 gb Ipod and only have 3.75gb of music on it. Is there something you think is an essential song or album I should have on it? I'll let you know if I have it on there or not. There are some cds I know I am missing due to them being lost in a cd case somewhere or in my car and I'm too lazy to bring them in to put them onto my hard drive.

Leaving the world behind

I found out yesterday that my "cousin" Link had died. The story starts with me going to college. Link is maybe the 4th person I talked to in my moving in and getting settled. We met over very sweet and very warm punch at the President of the College's house. We had a conversation about what I don't recall but decided that we were bored at the fakeness of every ones smiles and decided to leave.

It was a hot August night and we were shimmering in sweat. Neither of us knew that our destinies would be intertwined that night but I knew I had made a very ADD friend. We soon started having dinner and sometimes lunch together I got to know his roommate Jeremy and then other people started floating in and out of my life friends and then not friends. We visited haunted houses, natural settings, farms, barns, restaurants, we loved road trips, he would mostly kidnap me and we would go adventuring. I remember even spending 3 hours in Walmart with him and not remember anything we saw, bought, or did. He would visit a few times a summer, but never on my terms, only his, sometimes 8am and sometimes 1am I never knew what day it would be sometimes either. Through my mom Link decided that we were related somehow and so he would always be my Cousin Link when my mom spoke of him. When she found out he had died she was very upset.

Our college careers continued we had one class together and it was in the declining stages. Finally Link just fell. He fell hard and fast and wouldn't be the same. I tried to be understanding, patient, and loving with him and sometimes he tried it all. My sister and I visited him at the mental institution and I told him he better get better or he would incur my wrath.

I don't know if he ever got better. We would talk over the phone occasionally when we had each others numbers, sometimes an email, and most of the time I wouldn't know if he was alive or dead or even in this plain of existence save a facebook update or live journal entry here or there.

I was thinking about how upset I was that he didn't attend my wedding the other day, and that somewhere I knew in my heart he wasn't coming to the wedding but I hoped maybe one fiber of his being could be coaxed into making him behave for a few hours in a lifetime. The last communication I remember having with him was sometime in December. I told him of my diagnosis and he was just his same old silly self and told me I could be as bald as a baby and he'd still think I was pretty. He wasn't worried I was going to die, he was more worried about me losing my "wonder tits".

The things that remind me of Link are: grape juice punch, The Movie Alien, Cha!, smoking, Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination, 2001: A Space Odyssey, elbow dancing, hair mousse, coffee, Spanky's, investigative reporting into much of the Staunton/Waynesboro area, and how you were never the same person to everyone. Memories and thoughts of you will haunt and enlighten me for a very long time. I will speak to my children about "cousin" Link.

Mental diarrhea

So many things in my brain. Bullets points will have to be employed and a cut.
- Wednesday I accidentally went for chemo when it was my week off. I felt really dumb for not looking at my appointment card.

- Sat we saw Iron Man 2. I think this is the first movie in a long time that I felt throughout my entire body. We had good seats so sight and sound were as life like as possible. The theater wasn't all that full but I could see that the showing after ours was probably going to fill up fast by the looks of how many people were waiting to get in as we were leaving. Having no frame of reference for the movie vs the comic i thought it was good. I don't know anything about Captain America, Red Skull, Thor, or the Avengers either so I will enjoy them blissfully unaware of any fandom that may be stepped on. Read more...Collapse )